Top Ten Tuesday | What makes me interested in a book?

Hello!! It’s me again. I decided to come back atcha with a BOOK TAG!! I’m sorry I haven’t posted for 3 days! (not that it matters since literally no one reads this), but anyways. HERE IT IS!! woohooo

Top Ten Tuesday first came from The Broke and the Bookish. I will not always be posting top ten tuesday tags, however I will try my hardest to make that happen.

Top Ten Reasons | What makes me want a book?

1. The cover. I need to see a beautiful or elegant cover to attract me.

2. A relatable or wannabe character. I need to be able to relate to the character so that I will feel happy about the book. If the character is completely different from me, I’ll usually admire him/her for his abilities.

3. Blurbs. There should be blurbs from booktubers / bloggers / authors that I idolize so that it will push me to read the book.

4. The thickness. I prefer to read thick books because I hate finishing the book very quickly. I like to read a lot altogether just to keep me entertained for a long time.

5. The title. The title needs to be alluring like ‘The Diabolic’. This title interested me so much. I didn’t even read the synopsis, I just picked it up and read it.

6. The synopsis. The synopsis is what makes me interested in a book. I need to have a feel about what the book contains, mostly for fantasy books.

7. My friends. If one of my friends on Goodreads begins to read or recommends me a book, I’ll definitely try it. Most of the time I don’t know what to read so getting recommendations gives me a wider perspectives of book genres.

8. The genre. I will read fantasy, contemporary and dystopian novels. I do not read horror. It will scare me and I hate being scared of what’s behind the door….

9. A little bit of romance. I love it when there is a love interest in a book. I just love seeing how the couple progresses. It’s so cute!

10. I love when there is at least one good looking person in the book.

And that is my list. Thanks for reading it.

Email me what you find attractive about a book. Until next time!




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