Review | The Midnight Star by Marie Lu

As soon as I finished The Rose Society, I immediately picked up this book. It was so good. I don’t think I’ll ever find a book like this that was written so beautifully.

I know I’ve said this a million times, but Marie Lu is an AMAZING, OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD, author.

I’m going to stop talking about how much I love Marie Lu and get on to the book review.



When Raffaele was able to capture Adelina, I was confused. Adelina was a QUEEN and she was super powerful. I mean, how could they do they so easily?

To say, I was really jealous of the relationship that Adelina and Violetta shared. They loved each other so much, throughout their lives.

I’m an only child, so….

That brings me to the next point. ADELINA GAVE UP HER LIFE FOR VIOLETTA????

like. WHAT

I  honestly, did not. I could not understand this.

I had spent half my time reading The Rose Society and The Midnight Star convincing myself that Adelina was a vain, scared girl. And yet she had sacrificed her soul for her sisters.


Even though I think it was great that she ended her life, I was really sad. She was such an amazing character to read about and she was so relatable. I really love her character.

So Violetta became queen. I was kind of skeptical about her becoming queen, but then I remembered her alignments and then realized. She’s perfect for the job.

She’s kind, has empathy and does what she believes is right.

I always thought that she was a pain in the butt, but now? I love her.

I love her.

Adelina, was amazing. She had so much will within her. She did what was right and knew what she deserved. I can not say how much I loved her character.

Magiano. Can I just say that he was my favorite character of all time. He was so much fun. I loved him. I love him. He is amazing. He followed Adelina’s constellation because he loved her? That is probably the sweetest thing ever. He has this amazing happy vibe and Magiano is the best. The best. I honestly love him so much.

Violetta and Sergio are so going to happen.

I loved this trilogy so much and I will definitely be reading Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy.





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